Pet sitting of guinea pigs Bubbles and Maple

Aneta is young and devoted! She loves animals and knows how to take care of them. We were gone for two months over the summer and she took care of our two guinea pigs for that period. She provided the cage and we could choose if we wanted her to use our bedding, food, houses for shelter, etc. or if we wanted her to provide all that for us. She clipped the nails of the piggies for us and she sent us many pictures of the guinea pigs with a little note saying all was fine. That was really really nice! We also had to change the date where we would bring her the piggies at the last minute and it wasn’t a problem. She was very flexible. I would recommend her to anyone who loves their pet! Thank you, Aneta!!

Marie-Pierre C.

Pet sitting of rabbit Petra

I was very happy with Aneta and the PETLAND service! She took care of my rabbit for 2 weeks while I was on holiday. Communication was great as she can speak English and she was able to pick her up and drop her off at my house which made it very easy for me. Aneta sent me pictures during the 2 weeks and let me know how my rabbit was doing! I will definitely use this service again!

Sarah T.

Pet sitting of three chinchillas

Aneta has taken care of our three chinchilla girls for several times during the past 1,5 years and I really couldn’t ask for a better sitter! She is absolutely brilliant with shy prey animals, is 100% trustworthy, very professional and a true animal lover from the bottom of her heart. I warmly recommend this service to anyone who wants to be completely sure that their furry family members are in the best hands. I never worry a bit when I leave our furbabies in her care. I can fully relax on my vacations instead of worrying – thank you Aneta!

Pet sitting of rabbit Pandora

My rabbit Pandora stayed with Aneta for few days. She was fed properly, had free time and cleaned up. I was a bit worried because Pandora is not used to other rabbits, but she was relaxed during the whole staying. Good communication with Aneta (she speaks fluent English) and updating with also a lot of pics. Really recommended!

Ilenia C.

Pet sitting of rabbit Gingasica

I am totally satisfied with Aneta’s services every time I leave my bunny to her to take care of it. Aneta is a very kind person and fully professional. It is obvious that she loves and enjoys what she is doing. The facilities where the animals are kept are always super clean and in excellent conditions. I never think of anyone else where to leave my bunny while going on vacations.

Theodoros N.

Cat sitting of Ares and Klara

Aneta took care of our two cats twice already and we would never hesitate asking for her services again. We are extremely happy that our kitties were well taken care of (playing, brushing, feeding, cleaning toilets, medication). We received pictures daily and we were relaxed on our vacation knowing that our sweeties were having a wonderful time with Aneta.

Andreea J.

Pet sitting of ferrets Harmony and Hurricane

Aneta is great! I went on a 4 day holiday to London and she looked after my ferrets. She did a great job, they came back healthy and in one piece. She even took the time to send me photos! Will definitely use her again. Highly recommended.

Hilary J.

Cat sitting of several cats

Great communication, jumped in on short notice and took the best care of my cats while I was travelling. I highly recommend!

Lars J.

Dog sitting Kenzo

Thank you very much for supporting us with Kenzo, it was great to work from Lucie and we are really satisfied with the service. Keep it up and catch you up next time.

Rajesh K.

Cat sitting Device

Big thanks for your services from me and Device – I picked him up from Lucy this morning, and I am very happy with his condition. Also, as agreed, Lucy was sending me mails and even Device’s photos during our vacation, so we did not worry about our guy. I hope that we’ll be able to reach you for our next big trip as well 🙂
One more thanks.


Pet sitting of hamster Laska

I had to unexpectedly travel for a few months, and it was a COMPLETE life-saver to find Aneta at Petland. She took such great care of my hamster, Láska, and even sent occasional photos 🙂 The centre is exceptionally clean and I definitely felt relieved to leave my pet there while I was gone. I highly recommend this place!

Imani C.

Taking care of Boston terrier Barney

Aneta is a total gem who will take care of your pet as if it were her own. I spent a weekend out of town, and was completely comfortable, as Aneta sent me frequent pictures and SMSs of my dog’s welfare! Your pet will be safe, happy, and loved after a few days here! She also bathes and brushes teeth at a reasonable price!

Rachel Orr

Pet sitting of hamster Pullervo

Aneta took care of my dwarf hamster for three weeks and I could not be happier with everything. Communication was great the whole time with lots of pictures and updates. The hamster arrived home well fed and handled. Highly recommend to anyone needing a holiday spot for their furry friend.

Katri K.

Taking care of guinea pigs in breeding station Jezerka

Thank you very much for taking care of our guinea pigs so smoothly. We are a breeding station with long-haired guinea pigs and we are really lucky that one young lady living nearby has found her mission in life 🙂 and is really good at taking care of people’s pets while they go on holidays or just need a pet sitting.
I needed to find somebody really! responsible because we were going on holiday and somebody had to take care of our guinea pigs. It is not possible to move around 40 of them 🙂 so the person had to come to our station. Not that I even found Aneta’s website but she was also recommended to me.
First of all, I read the references, looked at her website and because I really like her presentation I contacted her. Luckily, she agreed to take care of my guinea pigs 🙂 The lady who came on time to our meeting was very nice and polite and after 15 minutes I knew that this was the right person for taking care of our sweethearts.
Everything was perfect, guinea pigs were fine, communicative and the information about their wealth we received regularly. It is an incredible relief when you know that this kind of service is offered by somebody professional and it this case very nice professional who loves his job and does more than is expected from his work.
Now I know that if we want to leave for a holiday there is somebody who knows what I need and want. I know I can count on her on 100%. I appreciate her work and that she is doing it well and with passion. I am really happy I could get to know somebody so enthusiastic 🙂

Michaela K.

Pet sitting hamster Smudge

Excellent service. She has looked after our hamster a number of times now, all without any problems.

Craig C.

Pet sitting two octodons degu

Today I have brought home my two octodons after 2 weeks of pet sitting and I can say that the reality was much better than I could ever imagine 🙂 My octodons are completely fine, even cheekier and braver than before. During pet sitting, we received some pictures even if we did not ask for them and news about our octodons’ wealth. Everything thanks to Anetka 🙂 They actually went on holiday as well and they were really great.
Thank you so much.

Monika S. and Jiří O.

Dog sitting Athan

Thank you for taking care of our tireless savage. Athan was satisfied, happy and mainly grateful for the company and that he did not have to be alone at home. We were really pleased that we received a message about Athan’s well-being and also 3 photos. We are happy that we have found pet sitting Petland and that Aneta took care of Athan.

Dana K.

Cat sitting Betty

Thank you for taking care of our cat Betty repeatedly, we were more than satisfied with your service and we are going to choose you next time again.

Ladislav M.

Pet sitting 8 female rats

Thank you very much, Aneta, for pet sitting my 8 female rats. She was perfectly taking care of them and sending SMS to me. When we got back from holiday we found a bunch of satisfied rats. Thank you, greetings from Hedvinka and others.

Pavlína K.

Pet sitting rabbits Lilík and Kulík

We would like to thanks Anetka for taking care of our two dwarf rabbits (Lilík and Kulík). We were leaving for a holiday with my boyfriend and we gave Aneta the keys to our home to take care of our rabbits. We were a bit worried at first but during our vacation, we found out that Anetka is a responsible young lady. Anetka was sending us photos of our sweethearts so we knew that they were fine. I am going to recommend her to our friends.

Petra and Michal

Pet sitting chinchilla Čumáček

Hello, my name is Čumáček and I am a male chinchilla. When my owners left for vacation they left me with Aneta who was taking a really good care of me. She was feeding me and treating my injured leg. She let me running freely so I could stretch myself a bit. I really liked her place, my favourite spot was under the sofa. I am looking forward to visiting Aneta again.


Cat sitting Ulinka and Geňka and pet sitting rabbits Megie, Jenny, Kaštánek and Charlie

Hello, I would like to thanks Anetka for petsitting our two cats and four rabbits. She was taking care of them perfectly. Moreover one of our rabbits got ill 2 days after we left for vacation. Thanks to her care Meginka healed quickly and luckily it did not get worse. We thanks Aneta so much and we are going to choose her services again.

Romana Z.

Cat sitting Sebastian

I want to thank very much to the great helper Aneta, who took care of my fluffy friend Sebastian over the whole month!!! My cat is over 9 years old, so I decided not to disturb him with a flight to another country this summer and leave him home over my holiday. Aneta was recommended to me through my friends like the good Lady, who loves animals and takes care of them as their own. Aneta visited my cat at home every 3 days, stayed with him outside, feed him, gave the daily dose of vitamins, changed sand, brushed, etc. It was a really good service! After one month I found my friend Sebastian happy and healthy, fire-eyed with bright fur. Thank you, Aneta, for your perfect service. Now I will never be scared to travel alone, leaving my cat home, cause I know ho can take care of him!

Regards, Aksana

Pet sitting parakeet Pepiček

I would like to join the group of Aneta’s satisfied customers. When we were leaving for holidays and I left my very dependent parakeet with Aneta I was a bit worried. When I left him last time for just a weekend he picked his feathers off and I almost did not recognize him. This happened even if he was at home with a person he knows well. Because I needed to leave for a little bit longer that time I searched for a different solution and I could not choose better. Anetka is a very nice person who loves animals. They, of course, feel it straight away. When I came back after 11 days I had found a completely satisfied and happy birdie. Next time I am not going to be worried about him.
Thank you so much once again.

Eva Č.

Pet sitting iguana Cecil

Thank you very much for taking care of our iguana and I hope you are going to continue the business so we can use your services again.

Vlastimil H.

Dog sitting Otík

I would also like to join the group of Aneta’s satisfied customers. It is not easy to get on with my Prague ratter Otík, he is spoiled, oversensitive, sometimes hysterical. When the time I had to leave had come and my family could not take care of him I spent a lot of time on the Internet before I made my decision where to leave Ota. Mainly Aneta’s references and the fact that she would only take care of one dog at a time had helped me to make a decision. I was leaving completely reassured after the first meeting with Aneta. Aneta loves animals, Ota could feel that as well and he let her caress him (Only a few people he knows really well have this privilege). I was really happy when I received a message with information :). If I get in this situation ever again I will leave my sweetheart with Aneta with no worries.

Lucie Ch.

Pet sitting rat Rozinka

I would like to thank Aneta for taking care of my female rat Rozinka while I was on a vacation. Rozinka had a luxury care and she was very satisfied. I was receiving photos and messages about Rozinka’s wealth while I was abroad. I would like to recommend Aneta’s service to everybody who needs a professional pet-sitting.

I thanks Aneta a lot.

Adéla B.

Dog sitting Marwin

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Aneta for taking care of our “baby”, I have finally found somebody who can take care of Marwin so I do not have to leave him in a dog’s kennel, etc.
I will always use Aneta’s service. I also appreciated messages and photos I received while I was away. It is very important for us to know that Marwin is ok.

Liana B.

Pet sitting rabbits Bubu and Nuchňa

Hello, I would like to thank Aneta Baklová for perfect pet sitting our two rabbits Bubák and Nuchňa while we were on a vacation. I think they really enjoyed their “vacation” in Aneta’s hotel. Besides necessary care such as feeding, fresh water or cage cleaning they had the possibility of running freely in her flat or outside in the garden. Aneta has a really kind attitude and we are definitely going to use her service again.


Pet sitting skinny guinea pigs Urgiš and Samík

I am joining the group of satisfied customers 🙂 We left our two skinny guinea pigs Urgiš and Samík with Aneta. Boys looked really satisfied as if they even did not notice that we were gone 🙂 Thank you so much for the care, every day’s info and kind attitude.

Nina P.

Dog sitting Lolinka

Hello, I would like to thank Aneta for dog sitting our Lolinka – she is very energetic and crazy 🙂 so it really was not easy to get on with her but Aneta managed it really well and moreover she was really kind 🙂 I was really happy when I received an sms every day, sometimes with photos attached. Thank you, next time we are going to contact you again.

Lucie V.

Pet sitting rats Lily and Louise and hamster Bailey

We have been leaving our pets with Aneta for a while now, at the beginning it was only our hamster Bailey and during summer vacation we were leaving with her our two rats Lily and Louise as well. We decided to choose her for pet sitting our pets because of her professionalism, reliability and high quality. I know that our loves are in good hands, nothing is going to happen to them and mainly it will care of them luxuriously. The job Aneta is doing can be done only by somebody who really loves animals and I think that Aneta is exactly this kind of person.

Veronika and Benoît

Cat sitting Jarreth

Even if wanted to take Jarreth to a cat’s hotel at first we searched for another solution given by his comfort and mind (the best would be if somebody could take care of him at our home). When I was browsing on the Internet I had found Aneta’s website hlidanimazlicku.cz. We were really interested in her service mainly thanks to her enthusiasm for animals. Even if we were a bit worried because we did not have any experience with this kind of service we decided to contact miss Baklová and arrange a meeting. Just after the first phone call and the meeting we lost all our worries and we knew that we chose well. The talk was really pleasant and friendly, we arranged the process and the frequency of visits, we signed an agreement and we gave her our keys. Miss Baklová proved us that she is a really enthusiastic and reliable person when she took care of our tomcat. She sent us messages every day about our cat’s condition and we also received a few photos.
The whole week went really well, according to our agreement, including deluxe service such as watering our flowers and vacuuming cat’s hair. We definitely are going to choose to miss Baklová’s service again next time because it is very difficult to find somebody so reliable nowadays. Thank you and we recommend Petland pet-sitting to everybody.

Grateful Pavlovský family

Dog sitting Anetka

I found Aneta’s website by a chance after a few days of searching on the Internet. Our Yorkshire terrier Anetka (1,5 kg) is afraid of dogs so we could not leave her in a dog’s kennel. We were leaving for a longer vacation so we were a bit worried if Anetkas are going to get on well. I was pleasantly surprised because of a great care of our dog and also because of messages (sometimes with photos) we received while on vacation. I recommend Aneta to everybody, we will choose her next time as well.

Jana Fojtková

Pet sitting ferrets Endy

I left my ferret Endy with miss Aneta – even if he is socialized he can make a lot of mess and not everybody likes ferrets. But Aneta did not have any problem with it. The meeting was pleasant, helpful, professional, rooms for animals were really comfy and the main thing is that Aneta really understands the care of animals and really loves them. Endy was more than satisfied and he looked like he did not want to go home.
Price for pet sitting is great and individual access is priceless (not like in some centres where they close your pet in a cage, they are bothered to take care of it and moreover you have to pay a lot of money for their service)
I recommend Aneta to everybody, you can not find a better pet sitting for your pet.

Lucie J.

Pet sitting parrot Filipp

High quality and warm-hearted pet sitting!! My parrot Filipp came home happy and lucky as if he spent the vacation in a 5-star hotel! We will definitely choose Aneta’s company again and we will be satisfied that Filíppek is happy and ok.

Ksenia Lykina

Taking care of breeding station Mouseville

We own 60 rats, baby rats and an aquarium – fish, crayfish and a water lizard. I would like to thanks Aneta for taking care of them 😉
When we were leaving for our usual summer vacation we found out that we could not count on our usual pet sitter, my old friend who had to leave Prague as well. I thought that I would have to cancel my vacation at first but then somebody recommended me Anetka’s company. We wrote each other few e-mails and I realized that she was very reliable and I would not have to cancel my holiday.
We arranged a meeting two days before I was leaving at my home. Aneta was informed about feeding, where she could find the food, about portions for each group of rats. Then she was informed about rats’ health condition and the possibility of problems or complications. She offered me that she could feed my fish too and water my plants. We signed an agreement and a completion certificate about keys and I could leave with no worries. During my vacation, she contacted me regularly by phone. We arranged two visits to our home. When Anetka arrived at our home she checked everything, wrote me an sms and I called her right back. We talked about the current conditions at our home and I could continue enjoying my holiday.
All rats had a food in their bowls and a water in drinking bottles when I came back home. Everything was ok. All pets were healthy, satisfied and they were taken care of really well.
I would like to recommend Aneta’s company to everybody who is searching for a professional pet sitter. She is very reliable, skilful and loving pets, she can take care of many pets at a time. If I need I am going to contact her again in future.

Helena L.

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