Dog sitting

We offer dog sitting in Prague, in North Bohemia (Litoměřice, Lovosice a Roudnice nad Labem and Štětí) and in Moravia (Kroměříž, Vyškov, Uherské Hradiště, Přerov and Olomouc). We offer individual dogsitting, we don´t have a dog hotel or dog nursery, so we are not able to accept last-minute orders.

Why choose us:

Dachshund, 4 years old, jumping over white tube against white background

  1. The professional, flexible team qualified in dog sitting.
  2. Years of experience with canine nature.
  3. Dogs are accommodated in a home environment, not in cages.
  4. Care on an individual basis.
  5. A very limited number of dogs (1 or 2 if they know each other).
  6. 24/7 care and supervision.
  7. Minimally 3 long walks a day (length and distance according to dog’s shape and health, we take dogs jogging as well).
  8. Beautiful calm locations with a lot of parks.
  9. Basic knowledge of the veterinary discipline.
  10. Insurance that covers potential health damage, and property damage.

What do we offer to your dog?

playful puppy

  • feeding on a regular basis
  • giving medicine on a regular basis
  • a wide range of toys and games
  • a wide range of treats for dogs and puppies
  • it is possible to bath dogs, brush their fur on a regular basis
  • for bathing we use shampoo Ben-fit with mink oil for shiny fur, we also use conditioner or conditioner in spray for long haired dogs
  • if you wish we can brush your dog’s teeth, clean its ears and care of its paws with a very good beeswax cream
  • going for check-ups to the veterinary clinic or to dog’s saloon
  • your dog is never going to stay waiting on a leash
  • nature trips, Zoo, etc.

chihuahua and leashWhat should you pack in your dog’s backpack?

  • vaccination card (dogs must be vaccinated against rabies, distemper and parvovirus), they have to be dewormed and healthy
  • food
  • medicine, if necessary
  • collar and leash
  • muzzle to be used in public transport (transport bag for little dogs)
  • bed
  • favourite toys
  • panties and sanitary towels for dogs in heat (estrus)

To make sure that your dog will be happy in our “hotel for dogs” please check references from other customers.

Terms and conditions of accepting your dog for dog sitting

Basset Hound

Dogs must behave well, they should be used to people and dogs because all my employees have their own dog. Dogs must be capable of walking down and up the stairs. Dogs must set an example, do not destroy anything at home beside toys and be used to walk outside. If your dog is medium or large breed dog it should have basic training. It is better for us if your dog is used to public transport or car. We are not accepting dogs which are aggressive. If your dog is taking any medicine we are going to give it to them.