Our services

Group of pets sitting in front of white backgroundWhat do we offer?

We are offering professional pet sitting in Prague and surrounding places. We take care of small pets, cats and dogs which we can walk wherever in Prague. We can take care of your cat or dog at your home and spend time with them there. We also can look after small pets such as birds or rodents, water your plants and flowers, vent the air at your flat or house, collect the post or take care of garbage. When we come to your home we are not wearing any uniform so nobody can notice that you are not at home. We can also take care of your farm or garden close to Prague. We look after farm animals and also exotic animals. The only thing you have to do is to contact us, we will try to do our best to satisfy you.

Who is taking care of what in Petland?

Me, as the owner of Petland I provide all the services we are offering. From taking care of small pets to looking after animals at your home. Because of individual care of dogs, I hired my lovely colleagues to help me taking care of them.

What does professional individual care of pets mean?

Professional care means that we all are educated in animal sciences with many experiences. We can help you to correct undesirable behaviour of your pet, train your dog or provide the pet first aid. We are taking care of dogs and cats individually. It is obvious that every pet needs different care. We always take care of only one dog or cat at a time. It is possible to take care of two dogs only if dogs know each other and owners agree to that. We are looking after dogs 24/7, we leave them alone only in case of necessary shopping etc. We arrange trips for dogs according to their mood and health. During pet sitting of any kind, we are sending you photos of your pet. We can also send you information about your pet on demand.

It is not a problem to take care of any small pet all day so it is possible to leave your ill pet with me, I can provide them antibiotics or other treatments several times a day. Unfortunately, it is not possible to take care of an animal with infectious illness because there is a high risk of infecting other pets. If your pet is ill we will send you SMS regularly about its actual condition and veterinary check-ups.

Other advantages of pet sitting

We offer a wide range of additional services. One of the additional services is professional photo shooting, 5 photos for 100 CZK, and drown professional portrait of your pet. If you decide to choose our services we will offer you a 10% discount on consultancy of undesirable behaviour of your pet. You can also use discount our partners.