General questions

How can I pay for your services? Can I pay by card?

BitcoinYes, we accept cards in Petland, you can also pay by applications in your watches and mobiles or by Bitcoins. The deposit can be paid to our bank account or in cash.

What if my pet becomes ill?

If your pet becomes ill it is going to be separated from other pets. Owners are informed immediately about this fact via phone or e-mail. We will also arrange the next steps of healing and treating. If you do not respond we take your pet to the veterinary clinic where we find out which treatment your pet needs. We inform you about the actual health condition of your pet every day by SMS. After your arrival we require that you cover bills from the vet, waiting in the vet clinic 200 CZK per hour and the transport (15 CZK/km). If it is needed for some special care, you would pay 10-50 CZK more per day.

When do I have to pay you for pet sitting? Before or after? Do you require any payment while booking?

We require an irrevocable deposit of 30-50% while booking and the rest during dropping off your pet, in the case of small pets. In the case of dog or cat sitting, it is required to pay the remaining amount at least 3 days before the sitting. In the case of pet sitting at your home and short-term dogs’ walking we require 50% of the total amount in advance and the rest after the end of our service. All deposits are irrevocable. In long-term dog walking you get an invoice from us every month. You can pay by cash or transfer money to our account in 14 days. Regular dog training is usually paid immediately after each training lesson.

Do you have insurance?

Of course, we have insurance. Because we are responsible and professional we realize that it is necessary to be insured. It covers all damages on health, property, entrusted pets and transporting pets by car. Our insurance covers damages up to 5 million CZK.

Dog sitting

Don’t you think that prices for dog sitting are too high?

Honestly, we think that our prices are adequate. We are offering professional service with individual care not just to dogs but also to cats. We are doing everything to have your pet satisfied that is why the capacity for dogs is so low (maximally two dogs but only if they know each other and owners agree). We take care of dogs at our home, we do not keep them in cages or hutches, contrarily they can rest on our sofas, beds or in the garden where they can run freely. They have our constant care we leave them alone only in the case of necessary shopping etc. We plan our daily program according to the needs of your dog, frequency and dynamics of dogs’ walking according to its health and physical needs. You should be aware that every dog behaves differently in its usual surroundings and in unknown places. Most of the dogs we take care test us. They like to try what they can do, how far they can go and sometimes it takes us time to get to know your dog.

Why don’t you offer dogs’ food?

Sudden changes in food do not prosper to your dog. That is why we need you to bring your dog’s usual food which is used to. There is a possibility that your dog is not going to like our food, moreover, it could cause him diarrhea or other health problems. Sudden changes of food can increase the production of tartar (plaque buildup on teeth).

I have got a dog from a kennel, it is fixed to me, can I use the service provided by you?

Of course, we have a lot of experience with dogs from kennels and dogs which are fixed to their owners. These dogs need more intense care and attention mainly from the beginning until they find out that nothing is going to happen to them and that they are going to have so much fun. If you are still worried you can try “trial pet sitting”. You leave your dog with us for a few hours, it will get used to new surroundings and when you bring it for pet sitting it is not going to be that stressed.

My dog is in heat (estrus), is it a problem?

It is definitely not a problem because we take care of only one dog at a time. Dog in the heat is protected by us outside so you do not have to be afraid of puppies. Please, bring panties and sanitary towels with you.

Are you walking dogs on a leash or without?

It depends on the owner’s wishes. We like to have dog fully under control, so on a leash. Some dogs are walked by fetching or dragging, in that case, they are walked without a leash.

Cat sitting

Our cat is not vaccinated against rabies, is it a problem?

If you are going to leave your cat in our place it is a problem, we require vaccination against rabies. If I am going to take care of your cat at your home the vaccination is not required.

Pet sitting rabbits and other small pets

Can you provide my rabbit few-hour-run out of its cage?

Yes, when taking care of rabbits it is common that they are going to run two hours a day outside freely when we are at home. They can also run in the garden freely, in a playpen or on a leash.

When I leave my female rabbit with you is it going to be pregnant?

If your female rabbit is not already pregnant while giving it to us it is definitely not going to be pregnant after pet sitting. We keep rabbits separated, they never run together to avoid fighting and “making little bunnies”.  If it is not possible we are separating rabbits according to their gender and if they are sterilized or not. Not vaccinated rabbits we keep completely separated.

I am going to come by public transport and I can not take my cage, is it a problem?

It is not. The most important is to bring your pet, we are going to take care of the rest. It is possible to accommodate your pet in of my plastic boxes 70 and 100 cm or cages suitable for small pets (50, 60, 70, 80, 100120, 140, 160, 180 or 200 cm and 55 × 35 × 55 cm; 70 × 40 × 80 or 80 × 47 × 62 cm for rats and special cage for degus 70 × 40 × 70 cm and for chinchillas and ferrets 80 × 50 × 80 cm). I also offer terrariums 45 × 35 × 65 cm; 30 × 30 × 46 cm for reptiles and aquarium of 20 l for small water turtles and fish.
If you need transport for you and your pet with all its accessories you can try our transport service, the price is 15 CZK/km. We have a handling fee for cage/way 100 CZK.

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