About Nicole

 pet sitting Prague, petsitting Prague, taking care of pet, pet care Prague, individual pet care Prague, professional pet sitting Prague, dog sitting Prague, dog walking Prague, dog training PraguNicole takes care of dogs in Petland. She has graduated at the Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague in bachelor course Cynology and master course Reproductive Biotechnology. She is continuing with her studies at the same university in doctoral study. She is experienced in training and educating dogs, she does agility and dog dancing. She practises training of scent-detection dogs.

Nicole lives in North Bohemia where she can take care of your dog in a house with a garden. She lives with Bibi and Teny, females of Belgian Shepherd Malinois. Nicole offers dog sitting in Litoměřice, Lovosice, Roudnice nad Labem and in Štětí).