About us

Pet sitting company Petland was established in 2011 by Aneta Baklová. Petland is still growing and improve the quality and range of its services. Petland is a member of PSI (Pet Sitting International). All the staff is all well-educated in animal sciences and study every day because of spending most of the time with animals. We can identify the illness in pet earlier than it breaks out, so we can increase the probability of its recovery. We also understand the nonverbal communication of animals, so we can, for example, prevent the conflict of dogs during dog walking.

Our mission

We totally understand how difficult it is for you to entrust your pet to someone. Even harder it is when you entrust it to someone unknown. For this reason, we provide you with as much important information about us as possible in this section. That should help you decide in advance if our services are the right ones for you.
Our main mission is to make the animal feel with us as good as at home and to let you enjoy the well-deserved holiday. In addition to fulfilling physiological needs, your pet will get plenty of love, fun and patience. We make its daily routine similar to its home one and at the same time, we make sure it will enjoy the sitting as much as possible.
Our next great mission is to provide you with a view of the world through the eyes of your pet to make you understand your pet better and make your coexistence more enjoyable. Our pets are still instinctive animals. It is sometimes hard for us to accept, because animals are our companions, so we humanize them and put them in an unpleasant and unnatural position. We will help you find harmony and mutual understanding.

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