Cat sitting

I offer two types of cat sitting   taking care of your cat at your home or taking care of your cat in our place.

1. Taking care of your cat at your home

I can come to take care of your cat to your home once or twice a day or every other day. How does it work? For one visit (feeding, playing, caressing, cleaning, eventually brushing) I charge 450 – 800 CZK (30-60 minutes) without additional fees during holidays. The price depends on the distance from my home, the number of cats and your other requirements. This price is valid from 2 visits. In the case of only one visit, the price for that is 200%. The price for the cat sitting can be encreased for parking in parking zones, if it is necessary. If you find out during the cat sitting that you need more visits, the additional fee per each extra visit is 30%. While taking care of your cat I can water the flowers, vent the air at your flat or house, collect the post, take care of the garbage or moan the lawn and it is all FREE. The meeting at your place with signing the contract is FREE, just like the last meeting with giving back the keys.

Length of a cat sitting at your place
Cat sitting longer than 1 hour
after the first hour 200 CZK/hour
Cat sitting overnight (12 hours)
1500 CZK

2. Individual cat sitting in our place

Length of cat sitting
Price for every other cat
Whole day + night
700 CZK
500 CZK

We charge an extra 100 CZK/day for cat sitting kittens up to 6 months old.

Additional services

Brushing fur
50-100 CZK
50 CZK
Special care
100 CZK

We charge 60 CZK for filling in cat’s litter. If you bring your own “kočkolit” you do not have to pay anything. It is possible to brush your cat’s fur: 50 CZK/cat. We charge 50 CZK for brushing its teeth and cleaning its ears. For special care such as giving medicine on a regular basis or injecting insulin, we charge 100 CZK a day. You can read more about the additional services here.

Additional information

We charge an express surcharge of 20% on cat sitting which is not booked 48 hours in advance. We charge an extra surcharge of 20% on cat sitting on national holidays.

You can bring/pick up your cat every day between 8:30 am and 8:30 pm. Out of this time, we charge 100 CZK.

Day of arrival

Time of arrival Charge for the day of arrival
Before noon Full price
After noon Half price

Picking up your cat

Time of picking up Charge for the day of picking up
Before noon Half price
After noon Full price

If it is necessary to take your cat to the veterinary clinic we will require that you cover all the bills and the transport to vet with a price of 15 CZK/km.

It is possible to ensure transport for your cat in Prague and surrounding places for 15 CZK/km.

Read our Terms and Conditions.

The price list is valid from 1st January 2022.

I am not a payer of VAT.