Additional services

Grooming and hair cutting of rabbits and guinea pigs

We offer to brush your small pet for 50-100 CZK. Nails trimming for 50 CZK and hair cutting of long-haired guinea pigs for 500-600 CZK and teddy rabbits for 700-1500 CZK (price depends on the state of your pet’s fur). If you order hair cutting together with the sitting, you will pay 600 CZK for hair cutting of rabbit and 400 CZK for hair cutting of guinea pig. For more information and photos, see this page.

Hand-drawn portrait of your pet

The owner of Pet Sitting Petland, Aneta Baklová, is also the artist of animals. She can draw your pet too. For more information, visit this site.

Professional photo shooting of your pet

I also offer a professional photo shoot of your pet. I take pictures with digital SLR (single-lens reflex) and you will be given photos on CD or on your flash disc. The possibility of a pet photoshoot will be offered to you on the first day of pet sitting.  Price for 5 photos is 200 CZK.

Dog training

You can choose individual training of your dog or dog training together with dog sitting. In the case of individual dog training, we charge 700 CZK per 60 minutes. In the case of dog training with the dog sitting, we charge 50% more for the dog sitting.

Dorn therapy

This method induces your dog‘s psychical and physical well-being of your dog. It takes 60 minutes and costs 600 CZK for all dogs sizes. The first therapy is quite long, but the price is the same. Therapy takes place at your home or in our place. Transport costs 15 CZK/km.

Massages and stretching for dogs

Dogs massage takes around 45 minutes and is performed by the dry way without using of essentials oils. It improves the physical condition of your dog, releases the stress and helps him to feel relaxed. Massages take place in our place or at your home. The price of transport is 15 CZK/km.

Dogs massages and stretching
Small dog (up to 10 kg)
500 CZK
Medium dog (10-25 kg)
600 CZK
Large dog (over 25 kg)
700 CZK