Pet sitting

We are offering pet sitting rodents and rabbits, birds, reptiles and fish. Pet sitting is available in our small pet hotel or at your home.

What is the difference between pet care in Petland and in other companies?

  • the animals are taken care by the owner of the company (she knows every individual and can detect any animal discomfort or illness in time)
  • consultation with pet breeder (the owner of Petland has a doctorate in communication and psychology of animals)
  • luxury space with a home environment in the centre of Prague
  • stable daily regimen for animals (stress relieving, health promotion)
  • contacts for the best professional vets
  • socialization of animals (the animal meets other individuals, it forms some kinds of friendship and develops its social life)
  • quarters from 50 to 200 cm for rent
  • a comfortable estimation of the price of the sitting in our unique calculator
  • the possibility of VIP care in case of illness of the animal (due to much experience with pet breeding)
  • ecological thinking (all waste is carefully sorted)
  • many real and easily verifiable positive testimonials
  • we are sending you beautiful photos of your pet
  • on demand, we can send you infomartion about your pet

What more I offer to your pet

  • luxury non-smoking space for pets in harmony with the principle of Feng-shui, with air-condition and garden view (I can send you photos via email)
  • fresh fruits and vegetables every day
  • fresh dandelion (not polluted by dogs’ faeces or cars’ exhausts) in summer or special grass for pets and herbs in winter
  • I am adding Acidomid and Optimin to the rabbits‘ water. These products are improving the immune system, reducing indigestion and helping to digest minerals
  • treats with vitaminsdegu sitting
  • bedding (Asan Pet Silver or Pet Aloe, non-dusty sawdust, shavings, corn cob bedding, coconut pulp, cat bedding “kočkolit”, sand sheets for birds)
  • observing daily schedules which your pet is used to such as feeding, playing, running, caressing
  • I let bigger pets such as birds, rabbits or ferrets to run freely for two hours every day – for mammals, this is possible at my home or in the garden (they can be on a leash or in a playpen) in summer
  • free daily cleaning of wet places in the cage (in case of bringing your own bedding)
  • I am offering a lot of interesting toys and climbing frames for rabbits and ferrets
  • it is possible to accommodate your pet in one of my cages and plastic boxes suitable for small pets (from 50 to 200 cm). I also offer accommodation for reptiles in terrariums and in the aquarium for small water turtles and fish
  • I can take your pet to a veterinary clinic for check-ups
  • plenty of professional care, attention and love

What do you need to bring with your pet?fish sitting, pet sitting

  • clean fur and to be in good health
  • in rabbits and ferrets is needed vaccination card with regular vaccination
  • cage, food and bedding (but I can provide it with all)
  • medications, if your pet is taking any

To make sure that your pet will be happy in our “hotel for pets” please check testimonials from other customers.

Terms and conditions of pet sitting rodents, rabbits and other small pets

Veiled Chameleon

I do not accept pets with infectious diseases. If your pet is ill with the infectious disease you need to make sure that I know about this fact before your arrival for pet sitting, you need to inform me about the treatment and give me the necessary medicine.
We do not accept pets with diarrhoea or overgrown teeth unless I was informed in advance. Please, hand me your pet over in a good shape and health, all necessary treatments and care will have to be covered by you.

Health certificate

I need confirmation of good health quality only in rats bought in pet shops. It is required from vet clinic Na Hůrce ( or Animal Hope ( The health certificate is also needed in pets which suffer from some noninfectious illness. I reserve the right to refuse to accept pet which does not look healthy or in good shape. I also can refuse pets with parasites (scabies, louse, fleas, …). This is a common problem in hedgehogs. Please, let them get rid of parasites several weeks before the pet sitting.

Healthy pet and stress

A healthy pet does not have a runny nose or eyes, it does not sneeze, it breathes regularly, takes care of its fur. Healthy pet eats, excretes regularly and is curious about its surroundings.
Sometimes, a seemingly healthy pet can have bacterias which do not affect it in normal conditions. Your pet can be stressed during transport so its immunity is affected and bacterias start to multiply. If your pet becomes ill during pet-sitting I am going to take care of it and make it feel comfortable. I am going to inform you about your pet’s shape and health condition. I will need you to cover bills from veterinary clinic including transport and waiting in the clinic. Becoming ill due to stress or a new environment is affecting mainly rabbits and rats. Guinea pigs can also be ill with colds, it is not good to underestimate this issue, cold can transform into pneumonia which is dangerous with the risk of death.
To prevent your pet from cold in chilly months it is good to transport it in a transport container padded by a warm material or a bag covered by a blanket or a towel. If you do not have your own container I can pick your pet in your car with my own container for small pets.

Necessary vaccination of rabbits and ferrets

Ferret puppyRabbits have to be vaccinated against rabbit plague (vaccine Pestorin Mormyx or Nobivac). It is better to vaccinate rabbit also against new rabbit plague using vaccine Eravac, but it is not necessary.
Ferrets have to be vaccinated against distemper
and if they are used to run outside they have to be vaccinated against rabies.
Pets which are not vaccinated cannot be accepted for the sitting. It is necessary to vaccinate your rabbit at least 2 weeks before pet sitting to make antibodies and to avoid health problems caused by weakening immune system after vaccination + transport stress. If you plan to revaccinate your pet I suggest to do so after pet sitting, your pet will feel better in its usual surroundings.

parrot sittingCompliance with sanitary conditions in rooms with pets

It is necessary to adhere to sanitary conditions in every animal farming to avoid all kinds of health problems in pets.
Solid surfaces also are being cleaned by Savo (bleach) and other antiseptic products (Desident CaviCide). When I am cleaning pets’ cages I always use rubber gloves and I am washing my hands with antibacterial soap. To sanitize pets’ place to sleep etc. I use Dezisan spray. All textile materials in our space are regularly cleaned by the professional way.
If I notice that pet is not feeling well or is going to be ill it is immediately isolated from other pets.