Cat sitting

cat sitting PragueWe offer cat sitting in our place or it is possible to take care of your cat at your home. For cats, it is better to stay in their own environment where they are used to live because in most cases they are fixed to it. So they do not have to be stressed because of a new environment. Unlike other companies which employ some temporary workers for the cat sitting at your homes, I provide this service by myself. That is why you have an assurance that your keys, home and cat are in the best hands. Of course, I am experienced with cats. I saved few kittens in past and I managed to feed them thanks to hypodermic syringe and bottle.

What do we offer to your cat?

  • the comfort of our flats
  • kind attitude
  • constant attention
  • feeding on a regular basis
  • medication on a regular basis
  • specially grown cat’s grass
  • individual care (caressing, playing according to your cat’s needs)

To make sure that your cat will be happy in our “hotel for cats” please check references from other customers.

What do we need you to bring with your cat?

  • vaccination card
  • food
  • cat’s litter or “kočkolit”
  • favourite toys
  • something to scratch (we can provide little scratch tree)
  • medicine (if your cat is taking any)

British Shorthair cat, playing with toothbrushTerms and conditions of accepting your cat for cat sitting

Tomcats of 7 months and older must be castrated. In case of a cat sitting at our place cats must be vaccinated against rabies, healthy, dewormed and rode from external parasites. I require model behaviour, going to cat litter, no scratching on furniture, sofa etc.