About me

Aneta PetlandMy name is Aneta Baklová. I have a doctorate of ethology and bioacoustics passed at the Czech University of Life Sciences Prague, the Faculty of Tropical AgriSciences. I studied a postgraduate course Wildlife management in English at the same university. I passed my undergraduate studies at the Faculty of agrobiology, food and natural resources. I dedicated my bachelor’s dissertation to guinea pigs, their illnesses and prevention of illnesses, my master’s and doctoral thesis were about guinea pigs’ communication.

I used to do an internship in Prague Zoo. I also worked in my university’s barn where we had farm and laboratory animals. I assisted with hippotherapy in Hucul Club for 6 years and I worked in pet shops Pet center for 2 years. I passed a canistherapy course in HelpPes organization and so many more. I take part in a few organizations for animals’ rights as a volunteer (Sea Shepherd, PETA etc.), occasionally I ride horses and I am using cosmetics not tested on animals.

pet sitting Prague, dog sitting PragueI love animals since ever. In my life, I have always been surrounded by many of them such as horses, dogs, cats, guinea pigs, rabbits, hamsters, parakeets or octodons degu. I liked them all and I can not forget any of them. I dedicated my entire life to animals, they mean everything to me. Thanks to them I am the person who I am and do what I do. My love for animals has inspired me to pet sitting. I offer you pet sitting while you are on holiday and have nobody to take care of your animal. I make the effort to satisfy you and your pet, to be responsible, flexible, make quick arrangements and mainly provide professional care of your pet.

What I breed
These are photos of my pets – betta fish, one pair of zebra finches, several individuals of African snails achatinas and African pygmy hedgehog Nutella. Djungarian hamster Dušan is my youngest one.