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Professional Pet Sitting Services in Prague

Capacity until 26th March

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Are you looking for a professional pet sitting company with individual care because you do not like the concept of classical big hotels for animals with cages? In that case you are on the right place. If you are going on holiday or you are just planning a weekend trip in a hotel where pets are not allowed leave it in our Petland pet sitting company.

Little family hotel for pets is located in a quiet district in Prague close to the historical relic Vyšehrad and is offering a yearlong accommodation for pets in home environment with the best care. We take care of dogs, cats, rodents, rabbits, birds, reptiles and exotic animals. If you are afraid of your pet’s negative reaction caused by new environment it is possible to take care of your pet at your home where we can go daily by the time you are gone. It is also possible to train or walk dogs or take care of horses and other farm animals.

During pet sitting your animal we are going to take pictures and send it to you via MMS so you can see how your pet is doing and if it is fine. We also are offering additional services such as bathing your dog, brushing its teeth or nails trimming and grooming of pets. We have recently started offering gift service for animals. Everybody in our company is responsible and professional. We are covered by insurance in case of pet’s health damage or property damage.psi_member_logo_bw_websized-150x150

No matter if you have decided to leave your pet with us or you have some questions, do not hesitate to contact us. We hope that you and your pet will be satisfied with our service as much as our previous customers who have been using our pet sitting over and over again. For those who will decide to choose our service repeatedly is prepared a 5% discount on dog sitting and cat sitting. If you become a fan of our company on facebook you can win an extra discount on pet sitting.